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Jewish Book Week 2020

From 29th February to 8th March, it’s Jewish Book Week, organised by the Jewish Book Council. To celebrate the London festival, we’ve put together a reading list of recent Jewish studies books that might be of interest to those attending (or interested in) Jewish Book Week.

Keep reading to find out what the Littman Library of Jewish Civilization has published recently and learn how to receive a special discount on all their books to celebrate JBW!

Littman Library of Jewish Civilization

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Polin, Volume 32: Jews and Music-Making in the Polish Lands
Edited by François Guesnet, Benjamin Matis, and Antony Polonsky

In the Polish lands, musicians of Jewish origin have produced an astonishing variety of music of all genres. Offering a multi-disciplinary thematic approach to this creativity, this volume considers cantorial and religious music; Jews in popular culture; Jews in the classical music scene; the Holocaust reflected in Jewish music; and klezmer in Poland today.


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Rabbi, Mystic, or Impostor?: The Eighteenth-Century Ba’al Shem of London
By Michal Oron

The diaries of the eighteenth-century miracle-working Jew Samuel Falk and his assistant, here thoroughly annotated and with a scholarly introduction and informative appendices, offer an intriguing glimpse of eighteenth-century London and its burgeoning Jewish community on the threshold of the modern era.


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Hasidism Beyond Modernity: Essays in Habad Thought and History
By Naftali Loewenthal

This book critically explores Habad-Lubavitch hasidism from its beginnings to the present. It discusses controversial topics such as hasidic ideas about non-Jews; rationality versus faith; the role of the individual; women; messianism; mysticism; and postmodernity. Considering contrasts and paradoxes, it provides a rounded picture of an intriguing and still-evolving movement.


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Religious Truth: Towards a Jewish Theology of Religions
Edited by Alon Goshen-Gottstein (forthcoming)

In this collection, essays by leading scholars explore the notion of truth in Jewish religious discourse and suggest ways in which upholding the idea of one’s own religion as true can be reconciled with an appreciation of other faiths and enable interfaith dialogue.



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