Freedom Beyond Confinement: interview with Michael Ra-shon Hall

Using the paradox of freedom and confinement to frame the ways travel represented both opportunity and restriction for African Americans, Freedom Beyond Confinement, the latest in Clemson University Press's African American Literature series, examines the cultural history of African American travel and the lasting influence of travel on the imagination from post Reconstruction (ca. 1877) to … Continue reading

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LUP Welcomes New Translation Series

World Writing in French: New Archipelagoes. The aim of the enterprise is to publish cutting-edge contemporary French-language fiction, travel writing, essays and other prose works translated for an English-speaking audience. 


Digital approaches to ballet as an interdisciplinary theatrical form

Olivia Sabee is the author of Theories of Ballet in the Age of the Encyclopédie, the January volume in the Oxford University Studies in the Enlightenment series. Emphasizing eighteenth-century ballet’s construction through print culture, Theories of Ballet in the Age of the Encyclopédie examines the shifting definition of ballet over the second half of the eighteenth century, highlighting the role of textual borrowing … Continue reading

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The Bright Side of Modernity

In this exclusive commentary, Coletta revisits the central ideas explored in her book, Decadent Modernity, discussing the bright side of modernity, analysing the complexities and contradictions of our fast-changing world and the idea of ‘Latin America’ as a geo-political region.


University Presses launch EvenUP initiative

The UK and Ireland’s major university presses are pleased to announce the launch of a new framework for collaboration.  EvenUP demonstrates the commitment of UK and Irish university presses to equity, diversity, inclusivity and belonging in our workplaces, in who we work with and in what we publish.  Recognising that different presses and parent institutions … Continue reading