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Mapping the Amazon: Cutting through the Entanglement of Literature and Extractivism

In this exclusive interview, the book's author, Amanda Smith, discusses both the literary and commercial outputs of Amazonia and their impacts on a regional and global scale.


Artisanal Labour and the Ethics of Craft

Lauren Cannady and Jennifer Ferng are the editors of Crafting Enlightenment: Artisanal Histories and Transnational Networks, the June volume in the Oxford University Studies in the Enlightenment series. Interdisciplinary studies of artisans located in four continents, this volume brings together scholarship from the fields of architecture, art history, history, science studies, and history of technology and … Continue reading


Reframing Rousseau

Barbara Abrams, Mira Morgenstern, and Karen Sullivan are the authors of Reframing Rousseau’s Lévite d'Ephraïm: The Hebrew Bible, hospitality, and modern identity, the May volume in the Oxford University Studies in the Enlightenment series. An exciting new perspective on the influences of Biblical writings on Rousseau’s works, the study considers themes in Le Lévite d’Ephraïm, … Continue reading


Mapping a Polycentric Republic of Letters in Eighteenth-Century Mexico

José Francisco Robles is the author of Polemics, Literature, and Knowledge in Eighteenth-Century Mexico: A New World for the Republic of Letters, the April volume in the Oxford University Studies in the Enlightenment series. As a study of intellectual history, his book analyzes the configuration of the Republic of Letters in eighteenth-century Mexico through the … Continue reading


Theatre and colonialism: the show goes on

Jeffrey M. Leichman and Karine Benac-Giroux are co-editors of the March volume in the Oxford University Studies in the Enlightenment series, Colonialism and Slavery in Performance: Theatre and the Eighteenth-Century French Caribbean. This volume merges theatre history, performance studies, and textual analysis to open up new perspectives on Old Regime stage culture, and the studies within … Continue reading