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Ancient Objects Spotlight: Reading List

Ancient Objects highlight what was important to a society, whether this is through the mystery of Stonehenge or the Obelisks in London and New York. They also shine a light on aspects of history that are often overlooked. This reading list showcases a collection of books that explore the importance of ancient objects and the roles they played within their respective societies. As a part of this celebration throughout April we are offering 30% off selected eBook and print books on the Liverpool University Press website. To take advantage of this offer, use code ANCIENT30 at the checkout. (30% deducted at checkout. Duties and customs taxes charged by the courier may apply when ordering a print book within the EU.)

Warrior Treasure: The Staffordshire Hoard in Anglo-Saxon England
By Chris Fern and Jenni Butterworth

This book is an accessible account of the Staffordshire Hoard project and its findings. It tells of the discovery of the Hoard, the fundraising campaign to save it for the nation, and the scientific methods used to study it. The book also provides information on the places, people and events that place this remarkable find in context, with sections on the kingdom of Mercia and its neighbours, Anglo-Saxon warfare, religion, craft techniques and comparable archaeological sites.

Needles from the Nile: Obelisks and the Past as Property
By Chris Elliott

This book uses the Needles to examine how objects embody the cultures that create them, and how the use, value, and meaning of these objects change as they are transferred between cultures by gift, sale, barter, or theft. It relates the Needles to contemporary debates about the ownership of cultural artefacts, the legacy of colonial history, and the nature of reception as the process of understanding and valuing the past and its surviving material and immaterial culture.

Ceremonial Synagogue Textiles: From Ashkenazi, Sephardi, and Italian Communities
By Bracha Yaniv

This is the first comprehensive survey of synagogue textiles to be available in English. Bracha Yaniv, a leading expert in the field of Jewish ceremonial textiles, records their evolution from ancient times to the present. The volume contains a systematic consideration of the mantle, the wrapper, the Torah scroll binder, and the Torah ark curtain and valance, and considers the cultural factors that inspired the evolution of these different items and their motifs.

The Carved Wooden Torah Arks of Eastern Europe
By Bracha Yaniv

Bracha Yaniv’s pioneering work on the carved wooden Torah arks found in eastern Europe breathes new life into a lost genre. Making use of hundreds of pre-war photographs housed in local archives, she develops a vivid portrait of the history and artistic development of these arks, the scope and depth of her meticulous research successfully compensating for the absence of physical remains. This seminal work throws new light on long-forgotten traditions of Jewish craftsmanship and religious understanding.

Stonehenge: The story so far
By Julian Richards

In this book archaeologist Julian Richards, who has been involved with Stonehenge and its rich archaeological landscape for over 35 years, sets out to tell its fascinating story. Starting with a clear explanation of the structures of earth and stone that go to make up this enigmatic monument, this book charts the ways that Stonehenge has been visited, seen, explored, and understood since medieval times.

Stonehenge: The story so far
By Julian Richards
Global Architecture for Eighteenth-Century Beijing: Building Qing Enlightenments
By Pedro Luengo

This book reinterprets architecture in Beijing during the reigns of the Kangxi (1661-1722), Yongzheng (1723-1735) and Qianlong (1736-1795) emperors in the eighteenth century. This text places increased emphasis on architectural remains to reinterpret Beijing as an imperial capital where religious tolerance and cosmopolitanism were increasing, re-evaluating the entire Yuánmíng Yuán Garden complex as a miniature version of Beijing.

Discover more titles from our Spotlight on Ancient Objects throughout April, with 30% OFF using the code ANCIENT30. Spotlight sale ends 30th April 2022.


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