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International Development Planning Review 42.4 Featured Article

The editors of International Development Planning Review (IDPR) have selected 'Childcare & Academia: an intervention' as the Featured Article for IDPR 42.4, written by Jessica Hope, Charlotte Lemanski, Tanja Bastia, Nina Moeller, Paula Meth, and Glyn Williams.  The paper will be free to access for a limited time on the IDPR journal webpage. When asked … Continue reading


The Literary and Scientific Stakes of Transgender in Eighteenth-Century Italy and England: The Case of Catterina Vizzani

Clorinda Donato is the author of the October volume in the Oxford University Studies in the Enlightenment series, The Life and legend of Catterina Vizzani: sexual identity, science and Sensationalism in eighteenth-century Italy and England. In this new volume, Clorinda Donato analyses the medical, societal, and narrative transcultural stakes in the life story of the transgendered Catterina Vizzani, … Continue reading

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Singing the Law: Oral Jurisprudence and the Crisis of Colonial Modernity in East African Literature by Peter Leman

Shortly before Singing the Law appeared in print but shortly after the staggering reality of the Covid-19 crisis was becoming clear, I received a phone call from a close friend in Uganda. He’d seen news reports about the pandemic’s spread in the U.S., and he wanted to know how my family and I were doing. … Continue reading

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“Children of Men” Come True: U.S. Immigration Crackdown is Straight out of Cuarón’s Science Fiction Dystopia

By Dan Dinello As I began work on a monograph about Alfonso Cuarón’s 2006 film Children of Men — anadaptation of the P.D. James’ novel, its critique of racism, nationalism, and xenophobia echoed the rise of an anti-immigrant, right wing in America that culminated in the election of a xenophobic president Donald J. Trump as … Continue reading

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England’s Ten Best Co-op Buildings: A Selection by Lynn Pearson

To celebrate the publication of England’s Co-operative Movement, author Lynn Pearson has selected ten of the best co-op buildings from across the country to tell us a little more about.