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Announcing a new partnership between the Littman Library of Jewish Civilization and Liverpool University Press

Liverpool University Press (LUP) has been selected as the publishing partner of the Littman Library of Jewish Civilization (LLJC).

Founded in 1965 by Louis Littman and run for the past 25 years by CEO Ludo Craddock and Managing Editor Connie Webber, the Littman Library publishes around a dozen titles per annum and is widely known as a leading publisher in the field of Jewish studies.

As well as taking over print distribution, LUP will launch the Littman E-Library of Jewish Civilization, making the extensive LLJC list available digitally for the first time.

Anthony Cond, Managing Director of Liverpool University Press said: ‘Built and generously supported by the Littman family, and flourishing under the leadership of Ludo Craddock and Managing Editor Connie Webber, the Littman Library of Jewish Civilization is internationally recognised for its outstanding commitment and contribution to its field.’

Ludo Craddock, who will retire as Littman CEO later this year, commented: ‘We have been thinking for some time about placing the LLJC on a firmer footing, finding ways to enhance our marketing capacity, and making our books available digitally. We are delighted to have found in Liverpool University Press what we believe to be the ideal partner for us: an award-winning press with an established reputation in academic publishing, an appreciation for high editorial and production standards, and a record of achievement in marketing and e-book publishing. We are confident that this new publishing partnership will provide stability for the Library’s future and with the greater resources available (especially human ones) enhance our visibility and sales, and provide the necessary basis for future growth.’

Littman titles will be available to buy from our website on 1 March 2017.