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Studia Hibernica is accepted for inclusion in SCOPUS

Studia Hibernica has been accepted by the Content Selection & Advisory Board (CSAB) for inclusion in SCOPUS.

The reviewer comments are copied below:

“This journal impresses from the homepage and the editorial policy to the production schedule and online access. Much of the material being included in the journal is outstanding, and I’m pleased to see that articles are being so widely cited. The editor is also a major figure in the research field. There can be no question about the inclusion of the journal in SCOPUS.”

Founded in 1961, Studia Hibernica is devoted to the study of the Irish language and its literature, Irish history and archaeology, Irish folklore and place names, and related subjects.

Its aim is to present the research of scholars in these fields of Irish studies and so to bring them within easy reach of each other and the wider public. It endeavours to provide in each issue a proportion of articles, such as surveys of periods or theme in history or literature, which will be of general interest.

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