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Ownership of Sculpture Journal transferred to Liverpool University Press

As it approaches its 30th anniversary, the Public Monuments and Sculpture Association (PMSA) has announced the transfer of its interest in Sculpture Journal entirely to existing co-owner Liverpool University Press (LUP).

Over the past three decades PMSA has initiated many high-profile projects including the Sculpture Journal. The journal was founded and developed alongside the PMSA’s ground-breaking National Recording Project (cataloguing all public sculpture in the UK), the Save Our Sculpture and Fourth Plinth campaigns and the Marsh Award for excellence in public sculpture – rebranded in 2019 as the 3rd Dimension Awards. The organisation has also commissioned extensive provenance research covering the length and breadth of the country resulting in twenty-two regional volumes of the Public Sculpture of Britain series, also published in partnership with Liverpool University Press.

Keir McGuinness, Vice Chair of the PMSA said, “The decision to transfer ownership of Sculpture Journal to LUP was not taken lightly but as co-owners since 2012, LUP are perfectly placed to guide the journal through its next evolution, ensuring it continues to lead in the area of international sculpture studies research.”

First published in 1997, Sculpture Journal is the UK’s leading periodical devoted to sculpture. It will continue to commission and publish academic papers of unparalleled quality by researchers, curators, conservators, scholars and sculpture enthusiasts from around the world.

Sculpture Journal provides an international forum for writers and researchers in the field of sculpture in all its aspects” explained Professor Alison Yarrington, Chair of the Sculpture Journal Advisory Board, “we have in place an unparalleled team of editors and advisors who already work closely with LUP. This transfer will therefore enable us to continue to strengthen and expand the journal’s range and remit in new and innovative ways”.

Anthony Cond, Managing Director of Liverpool University Press said, “LUP wishes to thank the PMSA trustees, editors and advisors for their enlightened custodianship and for providing a leading role in the Sculpture Journal’s success over its 23-year history. We are excited by the opportunity to become sole custodian of the journal in its next phase.”

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