I want to learn about Britain’s Black Past because…

In recent years researchers, both affiliated and independent, have done exciting new research on black people in Britain in the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries, and even earlier. We recently published Britain’s Black Past, edited by Gretchen H. Gerzina, which gathers this new work on people and events into a single, exciting new volume.

This week, we ran a competition to win a copy of this new book where we asked people on twitter to complete the sentence “I want to learn about Britain’s Black Past because…”. We were really lucky to have historian Dr. Miranda Kaufmann and The Black Curriculum‘s Addie Tadesse judge the entries and choose our winner. We received so many brilliant responses about why people wanted to learn more about Britain’s Black Past, so below we have shared a selection of our favourites!

For more information on Britain’s Black Past, visit our website. Follow @LivUniPress on twitter for future giveaways and information about our books.


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