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Liverpool University Press launches LUP Open Planning: with archival access from 1910


Liverpool University Press is delighted to announce that it is offering (in partnership with Jisc for UK customers) a ‘subscribe to open’ transformative OA agreement for 2022 for the world’s oldest urban planning journal, Town Planning Review (TPR), and its sibling International Development Planning Review (IDPR).

An institution renewing their subscription will not only support open access for current year content but will also receive exclusive gated access to TPR issues (going back to 1910) and IDPR issues (going back to 1979) for the first time.

Subscribe to Open (S2O) is a subscription model that will allow LUP to convert journals from gated access to Open Access (OA). It is a transformational deal advocated by Plan S. Institutional subscription renewals will be sent out as usual (via Jisc for UK customers) and, assuming enough subscribers participate, LUP has committed to publishing that year’s (2022) content OA.

LUP’s S2O model for the planning journals

We propose to offer TPR and IDPR on an S2O basis. If libraries renew under the new model the following will happen:

  • Content for that subscription year only (2022) will be OA for all to read under a CC-BY licence
  • The full archives of IDPR and TPR will be available only to subscribers

IDPR – full access to volumes 24-43 (2002-2021) of IDPR and volumes 1-23 (1979-2001) of Third World Planning Review (previous name for IDPR)
TPR – full access to volumes 1-92 (1910-2021) (110 years of the world’s oldest planning journal archives)
This access is dependent on the subscription being active (will be cancelled on termination of subscription).

Institutions should renew as usual upon receipt of their renewal notice through the usual channels (via agent or directly, or via Jisc for UK customers). They will then receive immediate access to all archive content for the journal(s) and will be supporting the move towards Open Access too.

If you have any questions or queries, please do not hesitate to contact Clare Hooper, Head of Journals at

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