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The Journal of Beatles Studies: issue one Call for Papers!

The Editors of The Journal of Beatles Studies invite submissions for the inaugural issue, Navigating and Narrating the Beatles: A Research Agenda for the 21st Century

The Journal of Beatles Studies aims to bring together research and conceptions of the group, to place into dialogue scholars across fields in the arts, humanities, social sciences and beyond, including popular music studies, sociology, cultural history, musicology, heritage studies and museology, archive studies and cultural policy.

This inaugural issue underlines the intention of the journal to navigate the historical and contemporary attention to the Beatles. It seeks to assess the variety of ways in which the meanings of the group are investigated and narrated, of the scholarly frameworks brought to bear on the band and the purposes to which they have been enlisted.

The Editors invite original contributions of 6-8,000 words that set out empirically informed ideas for a future-facing agenda for the study of the Beatles, identifying existing paradigms and suggesting new directions, agendas and methodologies for research.

Proposals for papers are invited that concern (but are not limited to):

The Beatles as academic object
The historical moment of The Beatles
The music of the Beatles, including issues of composition, recording, performance, reception and interpretation
Beatles fandom and communities
Social identities and The Beatles
Beatles geographies
The legacy of The Beatles
Cultural value and The Beatles
The Beatles as heritage object
The global Beatles
Beatles historiography
Mediation of The Beatles
Beatles pedagogies
Economics of The Beatles
Archiving and collecting The Beatles
Sustaining The Beatles

Abstracts of 500 words inclusive of an indicative bibliography and short biography should be submitted to the editors by SEPTEMBER 30 2021 via Holly Tessler and Paul Long

Notification of invitation to authors to submit to the inaugural edition will be sent by OCTOBER 31 2021
Deadline for submission of papers: February 2022
Notification of revisions: April 2022
Deadline for completion of revisions: June 2022
Publication: SEPTEMBER 2022


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