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Call for Editor-in-chief of the journal, Romani Studies

ROST call for editor_

Romani Studies, an international, interdisciplinary journal publishing modern scholarship in all branches of Romani/Gypsy studies, invites applications for the position of Editor-in-chief.

Founded in 1888, the Journal of the Gypsy Lore Society was published in four series up to 1982. In 2000 the journal was retitled as Romani Studies. Under the sponsorship of the Gypsy Lore Society, Romani Studies features articles on the cultures, lives and livelihoods of groups often and traditionally known as Roma, Gypsies, Travellers and other communities. These groups include, among many others, those known as Ludar, Romanichals, Sinti, Manouche, Gitanos, Kale, Travellers etc. The journal is currently published by Liverpool University Press and features articles and papers in a diverse range of subjects, including history, folklore, anthropology, political science, sociology, literature, language, art and music.

With the support of the managing editor and the editorial board, key responsibilities will include supervising the editorial policy of the journal, overseeing the process of article submissions to the journal, including – supporting the managing editor in the correspondence with authors, identifying and approaching external reviewers, receiving and processing external reviews, providing authors with feedback, monitoring and receiving revisions, and taking decisions on the publication of submissions and its scheduling.

Deadline for applications: 9 May 2022

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