LUP launches new series: Studies in the Global Nineteenth Century

Liverpool University Press is delighted to announce a new series: Studies in the Global Nineteenth Century, led by series editors Kevin A. Morrison (Henan University, China) and Steeve O. Buckridge (Grand Valley State University, United States). Published in cooperation with the Society for Global Nineteenth-Century Studies, this series encourages polycentric approaches to the study of the period between 1750 and 1914.

Kevin A. Morrison said: “In setting out to establish the series, we were keen to identify a publishing partner that already offers robust coverage of the years between 1750 and 1914. We did not have to look far. Liverpool University Press has long been a leading publisher of scholarship on the eighteenth, nineteenth, and twentieth centuries. Titles appearing in our series will, therefore, complement subject areas in which the press already actively acquires in order to cultivate coherent intellectual interchanges across books. These include broad categories, such as history, literature, modern languages, and postcolonial studies as well as particular specialisms that cut across these areas, including visual and material culture, migration, and slavery.”  

Steeve O. Buckridge said: “This book series, which is designed to inform and engage audiences, and contribute to the development of scholarly conversations on the period between 1750 and 1914, promises to be an exciting and valuable addition to the study of the nineteenth century. It will publish vital new works from across all disciplines that examine a host of perspectives, concepts, and theoretical paradigms. The series will also explore a wide range of related topics including geopolitics of imperial domains to the arts, cultures, scientific and technological innovations, movements, and transformations connecting diverse groups of peoples across borders and nationalities with wide ranging implications. The series hopes to shed light on the objects, actors, and phenomena of the global nineteenth century which cannot be characterized by the boundaries of a single nation.”  

Commissioning editor Christabel Scaife said: “Following on from the establishment of the journal Global Nineteenth-Century Studies, we are delighted to be further developing our collaboration with the Society for Global Nineteenth-Century Studies by setting up this exciting new book series.” 

Find out more about Studies in the Global Nineteenth Century on the LUP website.


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