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International Archives Week 2022

This week, from Monday 6 to Friday 10 June, is the fourth International Archives Week organised by the International Council on Archives (ICA).

This year’s theme is #ArchivesAreYou and Liverpool University Press is commemorating the week by making a selection of articles from Archives: The Journal of The British Records Association free to read for 2 weeks until 20 June.

“When we talk about #ArchivesAreYou, we are talking about Archivists. Archives represent the professional practices and standards of archivists, but they also affect us as practitioners. This stream is about understanding how archival practices influence what is in or out of the ‘archival record’, how our practices reflect professional biases and how the records impact us with the stories they tell.

However, #ArchivesAreYou is also Civil Society, the People. Archives contain the stories of individuals past, present and eventually future. They help us understand who we are and what we want to be. Understanding what stories archives reflect, who is in? Who is out? Do certain marginalised communities want to be documented in “institutional archives”?” – The International Council on Archives

Free to read articles from Archives: The Journal of The British Records Association

History Concealed, History Withheld: The Story Of The Foreign And Commonwealth Office ‘migrated Archives’ And The Decades-long International Search For Redress
VOL 55.1

Liberty, Parity And Justice: Issues For Pressure Group Archives
VOL 37.125

A Practical Guide To Using The Freedom Of Information Act In The United Kingdom
VOL 38.126

A New Set Of First World War Diaries For The Mesopotamia Campaign, February 1916 To June 1917
VOL 56.1

To find out more about International Archives Week and how the ICA are celebrating, including how to join their virtual conference, visit the ICA website.