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Special Preview – Global Nineteenth-Century Studies Inaugural Issue

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Ahead of the inaugural issue of the journal, Global Nineteenth-Century Studies (GNCS), we bring you a special preview of the table of contents – take a look to see what’s coming up. 

Global Nineteenth-Century Studies
Vol. 1, Issue 1
Prefatory Note
I. Forum: The Global Nineteenth Century
Methods and Models

1.Provincializing Romanticism: Ottoman Hayaliyyun and Literary Globality in the
Nineteenth Century
Arif Camoglu

2.Christie’s House: The Benefits of Mining for Failures in the Nineteenth Century
Rajeshwari Dutt

3.Transmediality: A Model in Global Nineteenth-Century Studies
Monika Pietrzak-Franger

4.New Diplomatic History and the Study of the Global Nineteenth Century
Stefan Eklöf Amirell

Theoretical Perspectives and Pedagogical Practices

5.Victorian Studies, Literature, and the Global Nineteenth Century
Jessica R. Valdez

6.Circuits of Exploitation and Expropriation: Towards an Anti-Racist Global Nineteenth Century
Chinua Thelwell

7.Leaving Victorian Studies Behind: The Case of Vassar College
Lydia Murdoch and Susan Zlotnick

Nineteenth-Century Marine Worlds

8.The Southern Indian Ocean and the Oceanic South
Charne Lavery

9.Maritime History, Microhistory, and the Global Nineteenth Century: The Edwin Fox
Adrian Shubert and Boyd Cothran

10. The Strangers’ Home for Asiatics, Africans, and South Sea Islanders: Hospitality and Citizenship in 1850s Britain
Humberto Garcia

Circulations and Exchanges

11. Living la high life: Cosmopolitism, Objects, and Ideas in Motion in Spain and Beyond
Vanesa Rodríguez-Galindo

12. Reinterpreting India’s Princely States in the Global Nineteenth Century
Teresa Segura-Garcia

13. Domestic Settler Writing and the Global Nineteenth Century
Tamara Wagner

II. Creative Histories

Kumase, The Garden City [visual essay on the city in Ghana burned to the ground by the British at the end of the nineteenth century
Tony Yeboah

III. Reviews

Global Nineteenth-Century Studies is a forum for scholars from a wide array of disciplines who share an interest in the world’s connectedness between 1750 and 1914.

The inaugural issue will be available this summer.

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