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Looking Ahead After 60 Years: ‘Labour History: A Journal of Labour and Social History’ marks its 60th anniversary

This year Labour History: a Journal of Labour and Social History marks its 60th anniversary with a mix of reminiscence and anticipation in its latest issue. To celebrate, Editor Diane Kirkby has selected articles from past issues of the journal which will be available free to read for the next month.

Labour History: a Journal of Labour and Social History is published on behalf of the Australian Society for the Study of Labour History.

The journal, which has been appearing twice yearly since 1962, is the premier outlet for refereed, scholarly articles in the fields of social and labour history in Australasia, examining issues such as labour politics, trade unions, management labour practices, co-operatives, gender and ethnicity. The interdisciplinary nature of labour history, and its acceptance of less traditional sources, including folklore and oral testimony, make it a fascinating field, alive to past and present social justice issues.

Editor Diane Kirkby had the following to say to introduce this special anniversary issue:

With its latest issue Labour History marks its 60th anniversary.  We are acknowledging the significance of this long record with a mix of reminiscence and anticipation. Looking Ahead After 60 Years has been the theme of this anniversary year and a series of on-line seminars. Publication of this issue brings a Forum of diverse views on the continuing themes of labour history’s project. Also included in this issue are research articles from some of the newest group of scholars, as well as reflective pieces by eminent historians writing on major themes of labour and its politics in Australia.  These remind us that what has always distinguished Labour History as a journal is its commitment to scholarship that engages with pressing social and political questions, is theoretically-informed and empirically-grounded research.  A selection of articles from past issues has been made available to reflect the international scope, broad range and continuing vitality of the journal.

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Free to read articles from Labour History

Sexuality, Nationalism, and “Race”: Humanitarian Debate about Indian Indenture in Fiji, 1910–18
Fiona Paisley
VOL 113 (2017)

“Fix the workplace not the worker”: Labour feminism and the shifting grounds of equality in the US workplace 1960-91
Elizabeth Faue, Josiah Rector, and Amanda Lauren Walter
VOL 119 (2020)

Nature, labour and agriculture: Towards common ground in new histories of capitalism
Julie McIntyre
VOL 121 (2021)

“We Never Recovered”: The Social Cost of the 1951 New Zealand Waterfront Dispute
Grace Millar
VOL 108 (2015)

Guardians of Workers’ Bodies? Trade Unions and the History of Occupational Health and Safety
Arthur McIvor
VOL 119 (2020)

“Good Riddance to the Stinkin’ Place”: Deindustrialisation and Memory at Associated Pulp and Paper Mills in Burnie, Tasmania
Ruth Barton
VOL 109 (2015)

Blood Politics: Australian Nurses, HIV and the Battle for Rights on the Wards
Geraldine Fela
VOL 115 (2018)

Women’s Work: The Professionalisation and Policing of Fortune-Telling in Australia
Alana Piper
VOL 108 (2015)

Review Essay: My Mother, Ethel Rosenberg
Michael Meeropol
VOL 121 (2021)

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