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Celebrating LUP Open Planning success for 2023: leading planning journals now available Open Access through Subscribe to Open model

LUP Open Planning Celebrating Open Access to Leading Planning Journals

We are pleased to announce that our Subscribe to Open initiative, LUP Open Planning, has now reached its target for 2023. This means that this year’s content from our planning and development journals, Town Planning Review and International Development Planning Review, is now available to read freely via Open Access!

As leading planning and development journals, Town Planning Review (TPR) and International Development Planning Review (IDPR) provide a forum for communication between researchers and students, policy analysts and practitioners. We are proud to bring the latest content to all readers and researchers in the field.

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Reaching out to new readers and authors is an important part of our work as Editors and the Open Planning model can only help in that endeavour.

John Sturzaker, co-editor of Town Planning Review

Thank you!

We have reached this target with the support of the institutions that renewed their subscription to the journals and we would like to say thank you for making Open Access possible for all.

Words from the Editors

We are delighted that LUP has reached the target for Open Planning. We as Editors fully supported this new model of journal subscription and we are very pleased that Town Planning Review will be accessible to a wider audience. Reaching out to new readers and authors is an important part of our work as Editors and the Open Planning model can only help in that endeavour.
John Sturzaker, co-Editor of Town Planning Review

Read this year’s content Open Access

TPR Volume 94.1 features a Viewpoint on how we can learn from COVID-19 to reduce pathogen transmission pathways in cities post-pandemic; articles on navigating the built environment with visual impairment; relational neighbourhood geographies in Chile and Spain; the different ways in which high and low income neighbourhoods are affected by the development of railway stations; and how urban planning and design knowledge can help discover strong natural experiments to reinforce causal inference in healthy cities research.

TPR Volume 94.2 is a Special Issue exploring land value capture, adopting four generic evaluation criteria as a framework for analysing the various land policy instruments: effectiveness, efficiency, justice and legitimacy.

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IDPR Volume 45.1 features a viewpoint on the trajectories of global urbanism; a study which examines the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on women entrepreneurs in Pakistan; Vietnam, universalism and national ownership in the context of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs); a response to Martin J. Murray’s Many Urbanisms; housing and occupational experiences of rural migrants living in public rental housing in Chongqing, China; and the consequences of young people’s changing aspirations in rural Indonesia.

IDPR Volume 45.2 includes articles on the barriers to Ethiopia’s planned climate adaptation interventions; an evaluation of the accessibility of community health facilities under public health emergencies in Ningbo, China; globalisation and Western-style malls; and effects of resettlement interventions for urban poor households.

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Subscribers receive exclusive access to the archive

As well as supporting the move to Open Access, those institutions who have subscribed to the journals are given access to their archives, which have been made available for the first time. Town Planning Review is the world’s oldest planning journal and subscribers receive 110 years of archive. International Development Planning Review, providing an interdisciplinary platform for the critical study of development related practices, planning and policy in the global South, has 42 years of archive available to subscribers.

If you would like your institution to have access to the journal’s archives please contact your librarian to recommend a subscription. You can do this by clicking the ‘recommend to a librarian’ button on the home page of the journals:

Statewide California Electronic Library Consortium (SCELC) members and affiliates receive a 15% discount on new subscriptions to LUP Open Planning. Contact for more information.

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