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The search for the Battle of Brunanburh, is over.

For centuries it was known as “the Great Battle”. It was the event that brought England into existence. For centuries the location of Brunanburh was lost. “Now the search for Brunanburh is over”.


Battle of Crécy wins Distinguished Book Prize 2017

Winners of the Society for Military History's Distinguished Book Prize, Michael Livingston and Kelly DeVries discuss the revolutionary findings presented in their book The Battle of Crécy: A Casebook. The Battle of Crécy is a deeply explored area of history. What prompted you to write this book? Kelly: I'd long had misgivings about the traditional understandings of the Battle of … Continue reading


The Battle of Crécy: new discoveries overturn centuries of scholarship

The Battle of Crécy: Missing by Michael Livingston On 26 August 1346, the invading English army at last stood face-to-face with a vastly more numerous French army on a small hill not far from Crécy. A little chapel nearby was tolling the bells for the mid-afternoon prayers when the French began to charge up at the … Continue reading