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Why should academics use social media?

At the University Press Redux in March, Ann Lawson of Kudos explained how their latest study revealed that 88% of researchers thought that more could be done to increase the visibility and impact of their work. Of these researchers 91% were supportive of sharing their own work. So what are the options? Why should academics be doing this? “impact on a … Continue reading


Increasing Impact with Kudos: the proof is in the pudding

Liverpool University Press is partnered with Kudos – a service that provides tools for researchers to maximise the visibility and reach of their published journal articles – in order to ensure that the high quality work of our authors reaches the widest possible audience. Below are some examples of authors who have used the tool and as … Continue reading


Alien. Blanketeers. CrossRail. Disability. Eugenics. F, G, H, I, J, Kudos!

What does the representation of disability in museums today have to do with nineteenth-century protest marches by British blanket makers? What does sculpture in the Ottoman Empire have to do with the differences between comic book horror vs film horror in the 1990s? What does eugenics have to do with railway routes? Probably not much beyond the fact that they are all topics that have been published … Continue reading