Introducing the first monograph on Modern Languages Open…

Liverpool University Press is delighted to announce that we have published our very first MLO Open Access monograph: Modern Languages Open now hosts Luis Moreno-Caballud’s book, Cultures of Anyone, which is also part of our Contemporary Hispanic and Lusophone Cultures series.

Cultures of Anyone studies the emergence of collaborative and non-hierarchical cultures in the context of the Spanish economic crisis of 2008. In the wake of this crisis, new ‘cultures of anyone’ have emerged around the idea that the people affected by or involved in a situation should be the ones to participate in changing it. These cultures promote processes of empowerment and collaborative learning that allow the development of the abilities and knowledge base of ‘anyone’, regardless of their economic status or institutional affiliations.

This book has been described as an “indispensable study for anyone wishing to understand the meaning of radical democracy in Spain and in the world… it is, indeed, one of the best examples of the possibilities that Iberian Cultural Studies may offer.”

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