Liverpool University Press and University of Liverpool have joined Altmetric

Liverpool University Press and University of Liverpool have adopted the Altmetric for Institutions and Altmetric Badges to help their faculty, management and consumers of their content monitor and analyse the online attention surrounding their published research. The aim is to build a more complete picture of the broader impacts of the research that is being published.

First established in 1899, Liverpool University Press focuses on the dissemination of scholarly research and promoting learning and culture through the publication of books and journals. Working in collaboration with the university library and research administration office, the move to implement Altmetric was a high priority for the press

Central to our objectives is to ensure that the research we publish is achieving as much visibility and reach as possible. Integrating the Altmetric badges into our platform enables us to monitor this activity on a daily basis, and demonstrate our commitment to effectively disseminating the work of our authors.’ said Clare Hooper, Head of Journals.

Speaking on behalf of the University Library, Martin Wolf, research support lead, added: ‘We’re keen to examine how and in what contexts the outputs of University of Liverpool researchers are being discussed, and Altmetric for Institutions should prove a useful tool for doing so.’

The Altmetric data will enable users to see where their published content is being shared and discussed across a range of non-traditional sources, including public policy documents, mainstream media outlets, Wikipedia, and blogs.

Altmetric founder Euan Adie said: ‘We were really pleased to be able to work with both the institution and the press in conjunction to agree this partnership, which represents an innovative move on the part the University to present a fully integrated solution to their audiences.’