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David Looseley named joint winner of the 2015 Franco-British Society Literary Prize

We are thrilled to congratulate David Looseley on being named joint winner of the 2015 Franco-British Society Literary Prize for Édith Piaf.

The world-famous French singer Édith Piaf (1915-63) was never just a singer. Dozens of biographies of her, of variable quality, have seldom got beyond the well known and usually contested ‘facts’ of her life. This book suggests new ways of understanding her. A ‘cultural history’ of Piaf means exploring her cultural, social and political significance as a national and international icon, looking at her shifting meanings over time, at home and abroad. How did she become a star and a myth? What did she come to mean in life and in death? The book proposes the notion of an imagined Piaf.

Édith Piaf is available in both hardback and e-book formats. Please click here for more information.