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Modern Languages Open: German Special Collection

Modern Languages Open (MLO), a peer-reviewed platform for the open access publication of research from across the modern languages to a global audience, has published ‘Reading between the Bloodlines: Reflections on the German-Language Family Story’ as a Special Collection in German Studies.

This special edition considers German-language family novels, which are experiencing renewed interest in public and academic discussions alike.

Access the complete collection here.


Reading between the Bloodlines: Reflections on the German-Language Family Story
Anna Souchuk

Die kollektive Autobiographie. Familienerinnerung in den Romanen von Julia Franck, Jenny Erpenbeck und Eugen Ruge
Simone Costagli

Interview mit Julia Franck
Simone Costagli, Julia Gruber

Prägende Bindungen in Tanja Dückers’s Novels: An Analysis of Transgenerational Family Memory
Sandra Kohler

Transgenerationelle Erinnerung und Trauma: Sandra Kohler und Julia Gruber im Gespräch mit Tanja Dückers (März 2014)
Sandra Kohler

Writing as Return: A Commentary on Doron Ravinovici’s ‘Nach Wilna’
Todd Herzog, Hillary Herzog

Interview mit Doron Rabinovici
Todd Herzog, Hillary Hope Herzog

Nach Wilna
Doron Rabinovici

Skeletons in the Basement? Family (and) Politics in Josef Haslinger’s Das Vaterspiel
Anna Souchuk

Interview with Josef Haslinger
Anna Souchuk

Performing Family Identity, Memory and Hybridity in the Works of Eva Menasse
Julia Gruber

Interview Mit Eva Menasse Café Ansari, Wien, Juli 2012, und schriftliche Korrespondenz, September 2015
Julia Gruber

Anna Souchuk