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New partnership between the Voltaire Foundation and Liverpool University Press to publish Oxford University Studies in the Enlightenment

As of 1st of August, Liverpool University Press is the publisher of Oxford University Studies in the Enlightenment on behalf of the Voltaire Foundation.  One of the key developments in the collaboration will be the launch of Oxford University Studies in the Enlightenment ONLINE, making the series available digitally for the first time.

Professor Nicholas Cronk, Director of the Voltaire Foundation, commented: ‘We are very excited about the new strategic partnership between the Voltaire Foundation and LUP. Oxford University Studies in the Enlightenment ONLINE will be hugely attractive to researchers, while also opening up the Studies to a much larger readership.’

Anthony Cond, Managing Director of Liverpool University Press, added: ‘The Voltaire Foundation has been at the forefront of publishing on the Eighteenth Century for many years and our work together should forge a strong future for the series.’

Professor Gregory Brown, editor of the Oxford University Studies in the Enlightenment series confirmed: ‘The strategic partnership between the Voltaire Foundation and Liverpool University Press will enable Oxford University Studies in the Enlightenment to achieve much greater visibility and to continue its editorial evolution and to adapt to the nature of academic publishing in the 21st century.  Over the course of the past year, we have worked together to assure a seamless transition, so that we will maintain the longstanding commitment of both publishers to academic rigor and our strong ties to the international community of eighteenth-century scholars.’

The first book published under the new partnership is ‘Nature and the new science in England, 1665 – 1726 by Denys Van Renen. Titles are now available for purchase from Liverpool University Press, and will continue to be available from the Voltaire Foundation website.

For more details of the forthcoming Oxford University Studies in the Enlightenment ONLINE please register here.