Presenting: Writers and their Work

Liverpool University Press is proud to announce the recent strategic partnership with Northcote House Publishers for the publication of the highly regarded series Writers and their WorkTo celebrate this partnership, we’re giving you a look at what you can expect from the series…

Jack London is the first title to be published under the new partnership.

Jack London

Kenneth K. Brandt

This study explores how London’s Northland odyssey – along with an insatiable intellectual curiosity, a hardscrabble youth in the San Francisco Bay Area, and an acute craving for social justice – launched the literary career of one of America’s most dynamic 20th-century writers. London’s signature Darwinian northland fiction is closely examined, and detailed consideration is also given to other works that have garnered more attention in recent years – his Pacific writings, his agrarian novels, his socialist fiction, and his autobiographical nonfiction.

Penelope Fitzgerald

Writers and their Work presents the first comprehensive critical account of the distinctive literary style of Penelope Fitzgerald.

Penelope Fitzgerald

Hugh Adlington

Penelope Fitzgerald has been acclaimed as one of the finest British novelists of the late twentieth century, yet the deceptive simplicity of her style invariably leads readers to ask, ‘How is it done?’ This book provides the first sustained exposition of Penelope Fitzgerald’s compositional method, working both inwards from the surface of her writing and outwards from the archival evidence of Fitzgerald’s own drafts and working papers.

Uwe Schütte provides the only current study of W.G. Sebald available for a general readership.

W.G. Sebald

Uwe Schütte

W.G. Sebald was a literary phenomenon. His unique prose books made him one of the most celebrated authors of the late twentieth century. Schütte demonstrates how Sebald’s critical writings (most of which still await translation) fed into his literary texts and concludes his study with a perceptive assessment of Sebald as a cult author.

Michael Holt explores the range of Alan Ayckbourn’s work and traces the playwright’s journey of commentary of middle-class morality to fantasist behaviour.

Alan Ayckbourn (Second edition)

Michael Holt
June 2018

Alan Ayckbourn is, after Shakespeare, Britain’s most performed playwright and acknowledged as one of its most skilful directors. This book explores the range of his work which covers light comedy, farce, theatrical cartoon, musicals and plays for children. It defines the early influences and the developing themes, concentrating on Ayckbourn’s technical skills and his challenges to Aristotelian unities.

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