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Harmful Interaction between the Living and the Dead in Greek Tragedy
Examining the manifest and invisible dead, this book considers the nature, extent and limitations of harmful interaction between the living and the dead in Greek tragedy, concentrating on the abilities of the dead, the consequences of corpse exposure and mutilation, and the use of avenging agents by the dead.

The Chronicle of Constantine Manasses, New in Paperback
This book translates the mid-12th-century Synopsis Chronike by Constantine Manasses, covering a history of the peoples of the East, Alexander the Great’s conquests, the Hellenistic empires, the Trojan War and early empire until the reigns of Constantine I in the East, finally focusing on New Rome and its emperors.
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Minor Greek Tragedians, Volume 1: The Fifth Century
The first of two volumes presenting all the remnants of tragedies produced by contemporaries and successors of Aeschylus, Sophocles and Euripides. Greek texts and sources are accompanied by English translations, historical background, detailed explanatory notes and bibliographies. Volume 1 includes amongst others Phrynichus, Aristarchus, Ion, Achaeus, Sophocles’ son Iophon, Agathon and the doubtful cases of Neophron and Critias.
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Terence: The Girl from Andros
The Girl from Andros was the Roman comic playwright Terence’s first play and shows him as already a master dramatist. It contains much plotting and counter-plotting, two boys in danger of losing the girls they love, and a girl searching for her family. This is the first detailed commentary on the play for nearly sixty years.
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Imperial Panegyric from Diocletian to Honorius
This work examines one of the most important literatures of the late Roman period: speeches of praise addressed to the reigning emperor – for the first time within an explicitly comparative frame, and especially between Greek and Latin texts.
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Herodotus: Histories Book V
Book V of Herodotus’ Histories begins the run-up to the Persian Wars of 490–479 B.C. with Persia’s conquest of coastal Thrace after the Scythian expedition and the beginning of the Ionian Revolt against Persia, to which digressions on Sparta and Athens at the end of the sixth century are attached.
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Forthcoming books for Autumn/Winter 2020

Greek Orators VII
Demosthenes 8: On the Chersonese
Stephen Clarke
Series: Aris & Phillips Classical Texts
November, 2020

Sophocles: Oedipus Tyrannus
Jennifer R. March
Series: Aris & Phillips Classical Texts
November, 2020

Aspects of Death and the Afterlife in Greek Literature
George Alexander Gazis and Anthony Hooper
December, 2020

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