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Liverpool University Press announces new Viking Studies series

Liverpool University Press is delighted to announce a new series Viking Europe: Connections and Culture in the Early Medieval World, led by series editors Steve Ashby (York), Clare Downham (Liverpool), Ann Zanette Tsigaridas Glørstad (Oslo), and Stephen Harrison (Glasgow). The series will focus on new archaeological and historical research into the Viking World. It will cover all of Europe including Scandinavia, the northern and eastern Atlantic, Britain and Ireland, ranging from Spain in the south to Greenland in the north, between c. AD 750 and 1100.

Archaeological research into the Viking Age is thriving, and has undergone a sea change in its conceptualization, thanks to new datasets, methods and theoretical frameworks. This is reflected on by Steve Ashby who said ‘I’m really looking forward to this series, which will provide a new home for the latest research in Viking-Age archaeology. It will be game-changing to have a long-format venue for work that draws on the natural sciences, and I’m particularly excited to see how we can use this platform to push things forward in researching artefacts and craft production.’

The series’ key themes revolve around cultural exchange and connectivity, whether they be expressed as trade, migration, personal movement, or military activity, as well as the associated themes of cultural contact, identity, hybridity and ethnic diversity. Interdisciplinary analysis will be key, as explained by Clare Downham: ‘the series offers the opportunity to use interdisciplinary sources and methods to challenge historiographic stereotypes and conventions surrounding the Vikings, providing fresh and innovative approaches for the next generation of scholars.’

With many areas lacking up to date overviews of current research and thinking Viking Europe also aims to showcase regional studies, an aspect commented on by Stephen Harrison: ‘this series provides an opportunity to bring cutting-edge multidisciplinary regional studies to wider audiences, providing new insights to the complex diversity of ‘Viking’ activity, and new opportunities for comparative analysis.’

The series editors welcome proposals from both early-career and established scholars for monographs and edited volumes; taking up this theme Zanette Glørstad said ‘The series aims to encourage young researchers to share their current research, ensuring the rapid dissemination of innovative and significant advances in the field and allowing a new generation of researchers to reach a broad scientific audience. We encourage researchers at all stages to get in touch to discuss ideas!’

Commissioning editor Clare Litt said ‘It’s very exciting to be bringing Viking studies into the Liverpool University Press list. We hope to offer a real opportunity to deepen understanding of Vikings in the early medieval world, building a collection on topics that will be useful for archaeologists and historians alike.’

Find out more about Viking Europe: Connections and Culture in the Early Medieval World on the LUP website.


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