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Liverpool University Press to publish the journal, Revista Iberoamericana from 2023

Liverpool University Press is delighted to announce a new publishing partnership with the Instituto International de Literatura Iberoamericana (IILI), to publish the journal, Revista Iberoamericana from 2023.

The Instituto International de Literatura Iberoamericana (International Institute of Ibero-American Literature, IILI) is the oldest and most extended academic organization dedicated to the study and promotion of research in Latin American literature at a global level. Located at the University of Pittsburgh, the IILI constitutes the epicenter of a network of scholars of the most varied manifestations of Latin American literature over time, in its most diverse instances of intellectual production, and in its broad community presence.

Revista Iberoamericana, an organ of the IILI, promotes the dissemination of Latin American authors, debates and archives. It has been published without interruption since the foundation of the Institute in 1938 and publishes one volume per year, which is organized into four quarterly issues.

Clare Hooper, Head of Journals said:

“We are absolutely delighted to be working with the IILI to publish the distinguished journal Revista Iberoamericana from 2023. We know that scholars of Ibero-America will continue to find it an extremely valuable resource”.

Fernando Degiovanni, President of the IILI said:

“We are thrilled to join efforts with Liverpool University Press to ensure the continued global expansion and visibility of the Revista Iberoamericana. This partnership will extend the IILI’s historical mission and prestige into a new era.”.

The first issue under the new publishing agreement will be published in 2023 and will be fully available online. Online access to the archive of the journal will continue to be available to all subscribers and members.

ISSN 0034-9631 (Print) ISSN 2154-4794 (Online)


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