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Liverpool University Press Awards for Outstanding Reviewers 2022

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Liverpool University Press is delighted to announce the Awards for Outstanding Reviewers for 2022. Carefully selected by our journal editors, these individuals have provided exceptional service to their disciplines by contributing timely, rigorous and thoughtful peer reviews to some of the leading publications in their fields in 2022.

Good peer-review is essential to uphold the quality of an academic journal, and as academics often receive no professional credit for submitting peer-reviews, it is important to recognise their valuable contribution. By publishing the names of the outstanding peer-reviewers from the last year, we hope to highlight their significant contribution to the academic research community and the quality of our journals.

See the full list of reviewers awarded for their contribution in 2022 >

“At BJCS, we are immensely grateful to peer reviewers who give of their time and expertise generously and whose contribution is critical in ensuring the continuing high academic standing of the journal. As BJCS Editor, I am delighted that LUP acknowledges those who have made an outstanding contribution as peer reviewers”.

Maeve Conrick, Editor of the British Journal of Canadian Studies

“It is always difficult to name exceptional peer reviewers as JLCDS has a world leading editorial board. However, it is an honour to have to make this difficult selection. The editorial board, especially the comments editor, the book reviews editor, and the peer reviewers, is the main asset of any journal”.

David Bolt, Editor of the Journal of Literary & Cultural Disability Studies

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