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What is Karaism and Are There Still Karaites?

New from The Littman Library of Jewish Civilization, Karaism by Daniel J. Lasker is the first comprehensive overview of Karaism: its history, unique practices, beliefs, and philosophy, and present-day revival. In this blog post, Lasker reflects on the progress of Karaite studies. Anyone familiar with a typical synagogue would be surprised by this photograph: Men are … Continue reading

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Spotlight on Aesthetics and the Environment: Free to read journal articles, plus 30% off selected e-book and print books

For August we are putting a spotlight on Aesthetics and the Environment, focusing on our Art, Architecture and Sculpture books, journals and digital collections.

Jewish Studies

Maimonides the Universalist

Maimonides’ Mishneh torah presents not only a system of Jewish law, but also a system of values. Maimonides the Universalist by Menachem Kellner and David Gillis focuses on the moral and philosophical meditations that close each volume of his code. The authors analyse these concluding passages to uncover the universalist outlook underlying Maimonides’ halakhic thought. Read the … Continue reading

Jewish Studies

Reinventing Maimonides in Contemporary Jewish Thought

Reinventing Maimonides in Contemporary Jewish Thought by James A. Diamond and Menachem Kellner is the first critical study of how Maimonides has been read by leading Orthodox rabbis in our time. It shows that some have tried to liberate themselves from his influence, others have built on his ideas generating vibrant controversy, and yet others … Continue reading

Jewish Studies

Philip Rahv’s Jewish Story Matters Today

The Secular Rabbi: Philip Rahv and Partisan Review focuses on the ambivalent Jewish identity of Philip Rahv, co-founder of Partisan Review. In this blog post, author Doris Kadish considers how Rahv's life and work remain relevant to 21st-century Jews and immigrant voices. Philip Rahv, the storied editor of Partisan Review, belonged to “the world of … Continue reading