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Celebrating LUP Open Planning success for 2023: leading planning journals now available Open Access through Subscribe to Open model

We are pleased to announce that our Subscribe to Open initiative, LUP Open Planning, has now reached its target for 2023. This means that this year's content from our planning and development journals, Town Planning Review and International Development Planning Review, is now available to read freely via Open Access!

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Introducing ‘Unmasking the Red Death’: examining Edgar Allan Poe’s ‘The Masque of the Red Death’ in light of lockdowns and the COVID-19 pandemic

We are delighted to introduce Unmasking the Red Death, the latest special collection from Modern Languages Open. Contributions examine Edgar Allan Poe’s short story The Masque of the Red Death in light of lockdowns and the COVID-19 pandemic, exploring the central role that culture can have in times of crisis. Here, the co-editor of the collection, Emily Baker explains how this open access collection of articles came about and the research context and thinking that informs it.

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Pavilion Poetry Spring 2023

Our three new collections from Pavilion Poetry are now available: Standing in the Forest of Being Alive by Katie Farris, Local Interest by Emily Hasler, and Nocturne by Jodie Hollander! Standing in the Forest of Being Alive is a memoir-in-poems that reckons with erotic love even as the narrator is diagnosed and treated for breast cancer … Continue reading