Journals, Modern Languages

Introducing ‘Sociolinguistic Methodologies at a Crossroads: Innovations from the Postgraduate Community’: A Modern Languages Open Special Collection

This month sees the launch of a new special collection on Modern Languages Open that rethinks methodological approaches in sociolinguistics since Covid 19. The collection includes cutting-edge contributions from the postgraduate community that explore novel ways of applying research methods in a rapidly evolving research climate. Here, the co-editors of the collection, Nicola Bermingham, Stefania Tufi, and Claire Nance explain the research context and thinking that informs this collection of essays.

Jewish Studies

Jewish Book Week 2023

In 2023, Jewish Book Week - organised by the Jewish Book Council - will run in London and online from 25th February to 5th March. To celebrate we’ve put together a reading list of recent titles published by the Littman Library of Jewish Civilization - order any directly from the Liverpool University Press website for 20% off … Continue reading

Film studies

Stephen King: Interconnection and Inspiration

Alissa Burger's IT Chapters One and Two contextualizes the 2017 and 2019 adaptations within the larger landscape of King’s literary and popular culture influence. In our latest blog post, Burger explores the interconnections between different Stephen King novels and how IT Chapter One and IT Chapter Two follow a similar ethos. Stephen King’s work provides … Continue reading

Heritage and Landscape

The Architecture of Steam

The Architecture of Steam: Waterworks and the Victorian Sanitary Crisis by James Douet weaves for the first time architectural and social history with industrial and engineering progress to show how waterworks pulled nineteenth-century towns back from the Sanitary Crisis that menaced civilized urban life. To celebrate this new Historic England publication, the author has put together … Continue reading


“All Human Life is There”: An Introduction to The Regal Throne by Nicholas Dobson

Nicholas Dobson's The Regal Throne — Power, Politics and Ribaldry, a guide to Shakespeare’s Richard II, Henry IV Parts 1 and 2, and Henry V, moves from high political intrigue to lowlife bar-room badinage; from self-indulgent regal decline to elevated and inspirational kingly valour. Dobson explains each scene of all four plays in detail with … Continue reading