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Psycho and Peeping Tom, why was one revered and the other reviled?

From Auteur's Devil's Advocates series, Peeping Tom charts the 1960 film's origins, production and devastating critical reception. In this blog post, author Kiri Bloom Walden compares Peeping Tom to its contemporary horror classic, Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho (1960). In 1960 two ground-breaking films by two famous British directors were released. One ultimately became a huge success, … Continue reading

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Reviving forgotten horrors: celebrating the 50th anniversary of The Blood on Satan’s Claw

The Blood on Satan’s Claw, new to Auteur's Devil's Advocates series, explores Piers Haggard's undervalued 1971 film in the wider context of the folk horror sub-genre. In this blog post, author David Evans-Powell reflects on the film's "heathen heritage" on the 50th anniversary of its release. Folk horror has, in a fairly short space of … Continue reading

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The Horrible History of Devil’s Advocates

By John Atkinson The origin of the Devil’s Advocates series lies in an editorial hunch. I had been running Auteur for about 10 years, mainly publishing for the pre-HE Film and Media studies audience. I was becoming aware that the horror film was dramatically increasing in popularity as an option in HE, and even at … Continue reading