Film studies

Stephen King: Interconnection and Inspiration

Alissa Burger's IT Chapters One and Two contextualizes the 2017 and 2019 adaptations within the larger landscape of King’s literary and popular culture influence. In our latest blog post, Burger explores the interconnections between different Stephen King novels and how IT Chapter One and IT Chapter Two follow a similar ethos. Stephen King’s work provides … Continue reading

Film studies

Twenty years of Trouble Every Day (2001)

Kate Robertson delves into Claire Denis’ divisive sixth feature film two decades after its premiere at the Cannes Film Festival. Directed by Claire Denis, Trouble Every Day (2001) is a challenging film both in terms of its narrative and filmmaking. Two scientists—Shane and Core—are afflicted with an unnatural hunger produced by a plant they found … Continue reading

Irish Studies

Artistic works inspired by the Great Famine struggle to do it justice, but they keep the memory alive

This piece was originally published on The Conversation. How do you represent in film an experience as keen and painful as hunger? Director Lance Daly’s recently released film Black ‘47 – a revenge epic set during the 1840s Irish famine – is the latest attempt to depict the devastating catastrophe which left more than a million dead … Continue reading