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Pavilion Poetry Spring 2022

Our three new collections from Pavilion Poetry are now available: Wilder by Jemma Borg, Hiding to Nothing by Anita Pati, and The Room Between Us by Denise Saul! What is still wild in us – and is it recoverable? The poems in Wilder, Jemma Borg’s second collection, are acts of excavation into the deeper and more elusive … Continue reading


The Room Between Us: An Interview with Denise Saul

Each year our Pavilion Poetry students assist with the publishing of our new collections, dedicating their time to an individual poet. In this interview, Adam Noor talks with author Denise Saul about her new collection, The Room Between Us (Pavilion Poetry, 2022) - you can also listen to Denise's responses below. The Room Between Us pertains to … Continue reading