Modern Languages

Modern Languages Open: Italian Special Collection

Modern Languages Open (MLO), a peer-reviewed platform for the open access publication of research from across the modern languages, has published the Special Collection ‘Italy Made in Britain. Contemporary British Perspectives on Italian Culture’.

This special issue is about how contemporary Britain perceives and imagines Italy, and how it mirrors itself in Italy’s image. Access the complete collection here.


Italy Made in Britain: Contemporary British Perspectives on Italian CultureGiacomo Comiati,  Martina Piperno,  Kate Willman

The English Way to Italian Socialism: The PCI, ‘Red Bologna’ and Italian Communist Culture as Seen through the English PrismMarzia Maccaferri

‘Like Romans Becoming Italians’: Italy as the Negative Paradigm for British Decline in the Language of the Press and Denis HealeyEttore Costa

Anti-Gay, Sexist, Racist: Backwards Italy in British News NarrativesDenise Filmer

Putting the Accent on Authenticity: A Case Study of Celebrity Chef Gennaro ‘Gino’ D’AcampoGeorgia Wall

Contemporary British Travel Writing on Italy and British Broadsheets: Tobias Jones, John Hooper and Tim ParksKate Willman

Whose Comatose Girlfriend? Figures of Crisis in Neoliberal ItalySerena Bassi