Publishing where no one has gone before…coming soon to our literary studies list.

September is Literary Studies month at #LUP120: here is a preview of three titles appearing in Spring 2020.

The Hangover: A Literary and Cultural History by Jonathon Shears promises to be a lively new contribution to a field of study previously confined to the sciences.

This first comprehensive study of the hangover in literature and culture explores the representation of ‘the morning after’ in a wide variety of texts ranging from the Renaissance to the present day. Shears looks at what examples of ‘hangover literature’ can add to our personal and cultural understanding of alcohol use, and demonstrates that, more than just a cluster of physical symptoms, the hangover is a complex interplay of sensations and emotions with a fascinating cultural history.


William Wordsworth and Modern Travel: Railways, Motorcars and the Lake District, 1830-1940 by Saeko Yoshikawa reveals that Wordsworth’s attitude to the new age of railways was more complicated than previously understood.

Part of LUP’s Romantic Reconfigurations: Studies in Literature and Culture 1780-1850 series, the book sheds new light on Wordsworth’s relationship to environmental studies, heritage studies and modern travel. The book explores Wordsworth’s extraordinary influence on the tourist landscape of the Lake District and examines how transport revolutions, mass tourism, war and globalisation shaped Wordsworth’s home in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.


Fighting for the Future: Essays on Star Trek: Discovery, edited by Sabrina Mittermeier and Mareike Spychala, is an exciting addition to our Liverpool Science Fiction Texts and Studies series.

This new volume on Star Trek: Discovery brings together eighteen essays and one interview from a variety of disciplines including cultural and media studies, literary studies, history and political science to examine the narratives and production history of the new series, while situating it within the larger Star Trek franchise. It will be an invaluable resource for all those interested in Star Trek and science fiction in the franchise era.

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