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We were really looking forward to the English Shared Futures conference, so we’re delighted to see that the conference is still taking place online this week. We thought this was a good opportunity to share our conference discount online and remind you about the 50% discount across all ebooks. Find out more about our new and forthcoming books below.

If you were hoping to speak to us about publishing with LUP, our Literary Studies Commissioning Editor Christabel Scaife would love to hear from you! We’re always interested in discussing ideas, particularly for the following series:

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The Hangover

What is a hangover? How does it feel to suffer from one? What can hangovers tell us about the way attitudes to alcohol have developed over time? This book sets out to
answer these questions and many others by examining ‘hangover literature’ from
the Renaissance to the present day.

John Keats’ Medical Notebook

This study explores the poet John Keats’ manuscript medical Notebook from his time at Guy’s Hospital (October 1815 – March 1816), reconstructing and recovering the intriguing and mutually enriching connections between Keats’ two careers of medicine and poetry.

British Women’s Writing, 1930 to 1960

This book contributes to recuperative work on mid-twentieth-century women’s writing too often dismissed as ‘middlebrow’. Its feminist sensibility is reflected in a new descriptive term – ‘interfeminism’ – bridging and forging links between two ‘waves’ of feminism, in the context of the build-up to and aftermath of the Second World War.

Iris Murdoch

This study provides an accessible introduction to the whole range of Iris Murdoch’s fiction, exploring philosophical, theological, political, social and biographical influences and her experimentations with the novel form.

William Wordsworth and Modern Travel

This book explores Wordsworth’s extraordinary influence on the tourist landscape of the Lake District throughout the age of railways, motorcars and the First World War. It explores how patterns of tourist behaviour and environmental awareness changed in the century of popular tourism, examining how Wordsworth’s vision shaped modern ideas of travel, landscape and cultural heritage.

Poetry & the Dictionary

This innovative collection of essays is the first volume to explore the many ways in which dictionaries have stimulated the imaginations of modern and contemporary poets from Britain, Ireland, and America, while also considering how poetry has itself been a rich source of material for lexicographers.

Twenty-First-Century Readings of E. M. Forster’s ‘Maurice’

This is the first book focused on Forster’s Maurice and its legacies in modern and contemporary fiction, film and new media. Ground-breaking essays by leading scholars offer new readings by exploring overlooked contexts including: feminism and the ‘social purity’ movement; anti-Fascism; religion and allegory; and early twentieth-century debates about identity and body-soul relations.

The Literary Afterlives of Roger Casement, 1899–2016

This book explores the literary and cultural afterlives of Ireland’s most enigmatic, shape-shifting and controversial son: Roger Casement. Drawing upon a transnational selection of modern and contemporary texts, alongside significant archival research, this book positions Casement as a vital and fascinating figure in the compromised and contradictory terrain of Anglo-Irish history.


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