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Call for Papers! Essays in Romanticism invites proposals for a Special Issue, Romantic Pedagogies in the 2020s.

The editorial team of Essays in Romanticism invites submissions for a special issue entitled Romantic Pedagogies in the 2020s.

The team stated the following in relation to the special issue:

Never have our collective methods in teaching Romantic-era writing varied more drastically. In addition to our usual concerns about student population and access to texts, our ideologies and methods, our classrooms and institutional pressures—now, as we settle into the “new normal,” our teaching is subject to new pressures and complexities.

We invite essays that address methods for teaching specific texts or authors; teaching Romantic-era literature on digital platforms or in flipped classrooms; teaching and social distancing; teaching Romantic texts and history in particular institutional settings (i.e. community colleges, public institutions, prisons, etc.); teaching in/with indigenous communities and/or communities of color; teaching as “essential work”; project-based pedagogies; and so on.

Submissions should be 5,000-8,000 words in length.
Deadline: February 1, 2021.

Please send submissions to Alan Vardy (, Thora Brylowe (, Michael Gamer (, and Alexander Schlutz (

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