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Spotlight on Poetry: free to read articles from across our journals

As part of our Spotlight on Poetry, enjoy free access to a selection of articles from across our journals, available throughout May 2021.

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Call for Papers! Essays in Romanticism invites proposals for a Special Issue, Romantic Pedagogies in the 2020s.

The editorial team of Essays in Romanticism invites submissions for a special issue entitled Romantic Pedagogies in the 2020s. The team stated the following in relation to the special issue: Never have our collective methods in teaching Romantic-era writing varied more drastically. In addition to our usual concerns about student population and access to texts, … Continue reading

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ICR 2020: Call for Papers

The 2020 International Conference on Romanticism, will be held October 22-24 in St. Louis, MO. The conference theme of "Romantic Confluences" is a gesture toward the location at the confluence of the Mississippi and Missouri rivers. ICR 2020 encourages proposals on this theme across a range of perspectives, from geography and spatiality to translation and … Continue reading