The Light of Blackness: Comments on Melville’s Intervisionary Network

First published by Clemson University Press in 2016, Melville's Intervisionary Network explores a range of literary connections to reveal that Herman Melville was dependent on Honoré de Balzac’s universal vision in more of his prose writing than previously recognized. In this blog post, author John Haydock reflects on the evidence of this intertextuality. Herman Melville’s … Continue reading

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Sailor Talk: Labor, Utterance, and Meaning in the Works of Melville, Conrad, and London

I was raised in a world rich with sailor talk. My father, Captain James (‘Jay’) S. Bercaw, was a masterful storyteller. My sister Katrina, brother Seán, and I cherished sitting at his feet as he told brilliant and evocative sea stories. He had sailed twice around the world as First Mate on a square-rigged vessel, … Continue reading