Modern Languages

Comparative Literature Section Launch Issue

Modern Languages Open, a peer-reviewed platform for the open access publication of research from across the modern languages, has published the Comparative Literature Section Launch Issue.

This special issue has been compiled to mark the launch of the Comparative Literature section of Modern Languages Open, and includes original articles by Michael Cronin, Andrew Ginger, Florian Mussgnug, Francesca Orsini, Haun Saussy and Galin Tihanov. The authors were invited to identify a theme or issue facing the discipline of Comparative Literature today, and to explore it within a Modern Languages framework. Each piece can be read as a manifesto of sorts: posing new questions, sketching out new areas of enquiry, and suggesting new frameworks of thought. All are written as brief reports, designed to be accessible to undergraduate and postgraduate students of Comparative Literature, and hold the aim of stimulating fresh academic scholarship that engages with and builds on this set of original and dynamic ideas.


Modern Languages Open Comparative Literature Launch Issue
Emma Bond

Comparative Study and the Nature of Connections: Of the Aesthetic Appreciation of History
Andrew Ginger

Multilingual Locals and Significant Geographies: For a Ground-up and Located Approach to World Literature
Karima Laachir, Sara Marzagora, Francesca Orsini

The Comparative History of East Asian Literatures: A Sort of Manifesto
Haun Saussy

Ferrying a Thinker Across Time and Language: Bakhtin, Translation, World Literature
Galin Tihanov

Planetary Figurations: Intensive Genre in World Literature
Florian Mussgnug

Translation Studies and the Common Cause
Michael Cronin

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