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An interview with Maria Kathryn Tomlinson, author of ‘From Menstruation to the Menopause’

To celebrate the publication and upcoming book launch of her new book, Dr. Tomlinson was interviewed by fellow LUP author, Dr. Wimbush to discuss the novel and the ways in which it handles representations of menstruation, childbirth and the menopause in women's writing in French.

Literature, postcolonial studies

The Postcolonial African Genocide Novel: Quests for Meaningfulness

In this recent interview with Professor Andrew Burke at the University of Winnipeg, Professor Anyaduba discusses his new book, The Postcolonial African Genocide Novel.

Irish Studies

‘The Age-Old Struggle’: Irish republicanism from the Battle of the Bogside to the Belfast Agreement, 1969-1998

Jack Hepworth provides an introduction for his new publication, 'The Age-Old Struggle'. Analysing the internal dynamics of Irish Republicanism between the outbreak of 'the Troubles’ in 1969 and the Good Friday Agreement of 1998, 'The Age-Old Struggle' draws upon the words and writings of more than 250 Irish republicans. For three decades from 1969, Irish … Continue reading


Was war inevitable between Philip and Athens?

Greek Orators VII is the first detailed commentary on Demosthenes’ political speech, On the Chersonese, delivered in 341 BC at a time when Athens was under political pressure from Philip of Macedon. A brilliant demonstration of Demosthenes’ skill as an orator, the speech argues in favour of the Athenian general Diopeithes, in the face of the … Continue reading