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Pressed for Space Courtyard Regeneration Project is completed, funded by the University of Liverpool’s Environment and Sustainability Grant

Liverpool University's Pressed For Space project was a part of our bid for funding to become the UK's first carbon neutral University Press. We are delighted to say that our bid was successful and as part of the project, a portion of this money was set aside to create a garden out of the existing courtyard of our office building. We have called this urban regeneration project Pressed For Space.

Irish Studies

Advertising and Consumer Culture in Ireland, 1922-1962

New to our Reappraisals in Irish History series, Stephanie Rains' Advertising and Consumer Culture in Ireland, 1922-1962 is an exciting new perspective on the relationship between consumer culture and Irish national identity. In this blog post Rains introduces us to the relationship between mass media and consumer culture in Ireland and the starting points for … Continue reading

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Introducing Watching the Transnational Detectives: A Modern Languages Open Special Collection

Introducing “Watching the Transnational Detectives”, an MLO Special Collection that examines the popularity and reception of foreign language crime dramas in the Anglophone context. Guest edited by Dr Rachel Haworth (University of Leeds) and Dr Angela Kimyongür (University of Hull).

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Special Preview: The Journal of Beatles Studies (Volume 1, Issue 1)

Ahead of the inaugural issue of The Journal of Beatles Studies we bring you a special preview of its introduction, written by co-editors Holly Tessler and Paul Long, to offer a sneak peek of what’s to come in this issue and beyond.


Subscribe-to-Open Community of Practice Statement on the OSTP ‘Nelson Memo’

LUP is proud to be part of the Subscribe to Open Community of Practice, an informal collective of over forty pro-open publishers, libraries, consortia, funders, service providers, and other stakeholders committed to OA publishing. Read the Subscribe-to-Open Community of Practice Statement on the OSTP ‘Nelson Memo’.