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Q&A With Nikolaj Lübecker: Author of Twenty-First-Century Symbolism

In an exclusive Q&A for Liverpool University Press, Lübecker chats to us about his latest book, reading nineteenth-century French poetry with a philosophical corpus, as well as his concerns for the visual.


Down From London? Looking for Literary Trouble at the British Seaside

Down from London by Carolyn W. de la L. Oulton explores ‘seaside reading’ in the 1840s-1930s, from early sensation novels to crime and romance fiction. In this blog post Oulton considers the origins of the British seaside holiday and literary tourism. The seaside summer holiday, as frustrated globetrotters have been regularly reminded in the last three … Continue reading

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Harold Norse:  Poet Maverick, Gay Laureate

Harold Norse: Poet Maverick, Gay Laureate, edited by A. Robert Lee and Douglas Field and published by Clemson University Press, is the first volume of essays on the enigmatic but overlooked poet and artist associated with the Beats and Gay Liberation poetry. In this blog post, the book's editors reflect on why Norse was a … Continue reading


Yeats, the Library, and Literary Afterlife

January 28, 2022 marks the 83rd anniversary of the death of W. B. Yeats in 1939. The anniversary nearly coincides with the February 1, 2022 publication of Wayne K. Chapman’s study “Something that I read in a book”: W. B. Yeats’s Annotations at the National Library of Ireland in two volumes (I: Reading Notes; and … Continue reading