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‘Revista Iberoamericana’ landmark issue dedicated to contemporary Latin American women writers

We are delighted to announce that Revista Iberoamericana Volume 89 Issue 282-283 is now available online, published in partnership with the Instituto International de Literatura Iberoamericana (IILI). Here we introduce this latest issue with it’s special focus on contemporary Latin American women writers, Edited by Luciano Martínez, Swarthmore College.

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Introducing ‘Language and Education in the Lusophone Countries: Theory and Practice’: A Bilingual Modern Languages Open Special Collection

This month sees the launch of a new special collection on Modern Languages Open that brings together both academics and practitioners working on language and education in the Lusophone world and is bilingual in English and Portuguese, thus maximising opportunities for dissemination and impact and challenging the anglocentricity of academic scholarship. Here, editor Nicola Bermingham explains the research context and thinking that informs this collection of essays.

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The Granny and the Heist!

The Granny and the Heist / La estanquera de Vallecas first ran soon after the death of Francisco Franco and the end of theatre censorship. Following his translation of the play, we caught up with Stuart Green and Lucy Meyer to discuss the messages implicit in the play and how the teaching resources included in this … Continue reading

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Author Insights – Gavin O’Toole

This month, The Reinvention of Mexico by Gavin O'Toole's is our chosen #FreeReadFriday title. You can learn about the book below before it's available to download free this Friday (5th of August). 1. What prompted you to write this book? The book was a product of my PhD research on the theme of Mexican nationalism, but also of a sense that not … Continue reading